Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Hi People

I thought I would shoot this series of videos as the creative urge to metallize the sculptures came over me. I hope you enjoy them. They like to talk of Art Therapy in the psycho babble of the mind healers, if that's what you can call them.

But if you havent the where with all or the dynamism to have your plaster sculpture's mass produced in the new resin's or the finance to get them cast in real metal, then this is the best alternative that I have found and I am pleased with the result's. I hope that you enjoy them, if Cardiff County Council didn't hate me so much maybe they would be lauding it over in their tenant times some headline like 'Tenant Sculptures Win's Prize' or something, you know the lets make out that we are good with our tenants crap they like to promote.

Yeah still no more replies from the other 71 members of the council who have so far failed to reply to the 2 emails that I have sent them, as if the issues do not exist eh Crazydave? Yep just like the issues do not exist. Wonder if any will have a go at making sculptures and make them bronze, or are they to busy dodging replying to emails????????????????????????????

Here then are the URL's to the video's Bronzing the Buddha take 1 to 4

The Pillar video's
Sculpture's in the garden
Bronze the Bucket Crazydave
The Bronzing of Tony Blair
Well that's all for today folkes, love n light and All the Best from Crazydave
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Hi people, well so far it is still only 4 of cardiff county councillors who have responded to my two emails, and none of them have come back to me regarding any of it, so I guess that I can count them as culpable in criminal negligence along with the chairman Mr. Rodney Berman.
SO TODAY, TV Licensing video to add, when will the harrassment from these people end post office worker dudes????? url below for that video.
PLUS TAKE OIL OFF THE STOCK EXCHANGE!!! yep and certain food stuffs and put them on set prices agreed with the producers all around the globe. So that we don't have to have this over priced fuel and all the excuses it allows for the hike in prices. After all its a world wide crisis Governments have the power to do this, and they would if they cared about the have nots.
LET'S HAVE A WAR ON HUNGER, LET'S HAVE A WAR ON DECENT HOUSING FOR ALL, LET'S HAVE A WAR ON POVERTY!!! By the Elite Nations, I am sure that if it was carried out with the same planning as they do for their military engaugements then it would be won in the next ten years.
It's a pity that the G8 havent announced these things at the recent summit, or is it just a Jolly Jaunt for them all??? Pity that the American president hasn't announced these things, and tough on the Stock Exchange making money out of other people misery seems to be the nature of their game.
Maybe they would have to use the combined talents of the military to achieve it all those engineers all those labourers fit and healthy, maybe they would farm it out to the private sector, just to ensure that Africa is irrigated from de-salination systems that they have all around their coast, powered by the most powerful of Solar Technology, so that continent need never suffer from drought again. That's if the Black man can stop killing their fellow Black Men.
I sometimes wonder if it was the white man causing all the havoc that you can see on the media, what kind of outcry of rascism there would be then??? Well Tribalism is another form of rascism isn't it???
Can we make bio-fuel from Human excrement ???? Well its organic waste matter isn't it re-cycled by the human body isn't it. Why grow crops when you have it already available to you. Maybe then we'd find big people valued because they are adding more to the volume ''Hey I bet you dump enough for 5 kilowatts a day dude!'
NIAGRA FALLS: Oh yes what a place to have a real Super Duper set of Water Wheels the energy that is there must be enough to drive a whole continent if they were placed above and below the Falls. Some massive industrial sized ones. Oh it would ruin the landscape, yeah well if you don't utilise it there ain't gonna be a landscape for the next generations to enjoy now is there???? I bet those engineers would love to have to tackle a project like that and all those construction workers would know that not only are they on a good wage, but that their families would enjoy cheap as chips electricity bills for ever and ever or as long as the river keeps on flowing.
Here are the urls then for two more videos first the TV Licensing and when will these letters of their's be seen as harrassment???
And here is Froggy in need of fixing
Enjoy, that's if for now, I have to send this to the Usual Suspects, even if half of them appear to have placed me on their junk email lists.
Love n Light People from Crazydave